A Proof That Too Much Happiness Is Dangerous For Dogs

51 Mio video views and counting!! Seeing your beloved owner after 2 years can be an overwhelming feeling. Rebecca lives and works in Slovenia.

Cindy writes in the video comments:
I cried. We don’t deserve dogs

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After 2 years, she finally returned home. But what was about to happen was unexpected for Rebecca and her family.

Her dog Casey which is a Schnauzer was so happy to see her returning owner that she totally passed out! Uh-oh!

What happened to Casey?

Watch Casey the adorable dog faint from overwhelming joy below. Casey came directly to Rebecca.

Two years of being apart from each other is 14 years in a dog’s year. The dog was so happy that it was like crying.

The unconditional love dogs give us is remarkable. Casey really shows how much she misses Rebecca.

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