How Did These Dogs Die Inside The Pet Store?

How could one pet store cause the death of FORTY ONE animals?

– A foul odor was coming out of the Macomb Pet Land on Saturday.
– The pet store owner is Jessica Spangler, 38 years old, of Avon, Illinois.
– Spangler is now being charged with a felony, due to the act of animal cruelty.

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On May 14, Saturday, police received a report from people who passed by Macomb Pet Land, complaining of a foul odor coming out of the pet store. When the police responded, they were badly shocked by what they discovered inside the premise.

The smell got worse as they forcibly entered the building, and saw a total of 41 dead animals inside the pet store.

The neglect of the pet store owner was obvious, as it was seen that there was no electricity inside the store. According to reports, the owner failed to pay their bills. Causing the suffocation of the poor animals.


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