Can You Believe This- 40% Of The Dogs Not Walked Enough?

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Are your dogs getting the right amount of exercise that they need?

-Data collected by the University of Sydney shows that up to 40% of dogs in Australia are unhealthy due to lack of or insufficient exercise.
-A good form of exercise would be going on walks with your dogs to help them socialize and stretch out.
-The exercises can be shared with other members of the family to keep everyone healthy.

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Dogs can come in different shapes, sizes, personality types and energy levels. However, one thing that they have in common is that all dogs need some form of activity.

Most people believe that having their pet run around in their backyard is enough, but studies say it’s not. Guide Dogs Australia urges dog owners to take their pet out for a 30-minute walk twice a day- in the early morning and during the evening.

Of course, weather conditions and the dog’s own health status and age should be considered, but even the old and sickly ones still need to get out from time to time. Walking and exercise not only benefits the physical, social and mental health of the dogs but also their owners.

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