Dogs Makes You Look “Younger”


Imagine if we could REVERSE aging in animals… then in humans.

– A promising study is currently being done at Harvard.
– The research involves the reversal of age in dogs.
– Soon after the success of the experiment, there will be a great possibility of human application.

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Imagine a scientific method that will make animals “look younger” and “reverse their age”.

Currently, a Harvard startup, Rejuvenate Bio, is on its process of creating an age reversal regimen that they are now doing in animals. So far, the research is doing very well and the results are favorable.

According to the founder of the startup company, George Church, their main goal is to look young. As young as 130 years old looking like a 22-year-old.

The church is a biologist, and he believes that canines are an essential part of their study. Their company has so far been using dogs, beagle to be more specific, to test their methods. The method involves genetic levels of alteration.

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