Are We Kinder To Dogs Than To Little Children? 😧

Some experts believe that pet owners usually speak more lovingly to their little dogs than they do to little children.

– While it’s true that dogs have lower IQ than children, still we must consider and compare the way we communicate with them.
– A lot of times, experts have observed that pet dogs receive more kindness than little children.
– The study urges parents to talk to their little children the same way or better then they talk to dogs.

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If you think about it, maybe pet owners tend to talk to their dogs more lovingly and more patiently, because we think that they are incapable of understanding us. It may be a far-fetched comparison, but experts want to compare this to how we communicate with little kids.

As much as dogs need out patience, because we speak a totally different language from them. Little children also need our patience and understanding, since they don’t speak the same language that we do… YET.

So as much as we want our dogs to become “good boys” and train them well, we should perhaps apply the same theory with little children and stop assuming that they can understand us well enough not to deserve our patience.

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