Why Dogs Lift Their Legs When Taking A Pee?

Have you seen your dog urinating? Have you observed him? Have you noticed that he is lifting his leg? Perhaps, you are wondering why. Despite being cute while baptizing your shrubs and plants, this has a meaning. Most of the time, you feel irritated because the pee does not smell good. For us humans, this is a nonsense behavior; but for dogs, this means a lot.

When dogs are peeing, they are lifting their legs. This means a lot for them, especially for male dogs. This serves as their means of communicating. It’s like sending emails or text messages. The odor that you hate from the pee sends a distinct message. It provides a message that it is their territory. The dog that passes by know who left it and how long the message it left.


“There are dogs that alternate between squatting and lifting a leg. This is normal and may depend on the need to eliminate versus the desire to communicate. There is a good chance that a very full bladder encourages squatting while a leisurely walk prompts leaving a trail of lifted-leg messages along the way.”

The whole article is written by Sue Furman and you can read it at https://www.victoriaadvocate.com/news


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