Dogs Licking Your Face Is this Hygienic?

Dog Licking Face Pict: youtube/DNews

Mostly all do it, our charming dogs get energized every time they see us or meet new friendly human and, particularly little pup,  they leap up and lick or kiss us and just want to demonstrate their love to us. But what we all want to know if dogs kissing your face are hazardous.

We discovered a video clip that once and for all presents us all the facts that we ought to know concerning the threats we may facing when we let our dogs kisses our faces.

That’s the way pups demonstrate their love?

Mostly of us blissfully let our pups demonstrate their love through giving us licks or kisses but few owners rather not to allow their lighthearted dogs kiss their faces particularly if that dog has just been licking its rear parts.


Experts discovered “peridontopathic” a disease-causing microorganisms present in dogs.  This bacterium is connected to periodontist, an acute form of disease in gum that triggers the damage of the tissues which support the tooth and can advance to heart disease diabetes, and, kidney disease.

Sweet pup kisses?

The main thing is this, as sweet as those pup kisses may be, they as well may offer us more in the figure of disease in gum rooted from microorganism not typically discovered in the human cavity.

You can demonstrate your love to your beloved dog in any other form but it is most likely fine to share an embrace or a touch instead of sharing bacteria.

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