How Can I Avoid Or Reduce Depression❓ Should I Get A 🐶 Dog❓

How true is it that getting a dog can help ease depression?

– Psychotherapists have given their thoughts about the claims that dogs have a huge impact in easing depression.
– in a study, pets and happiness had a huge correlation with each other.
– Many college schools are now promoting canines in the dormitory to help students de-stress.

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We are all stressed out. Every one of us feels burned out at times, and there may be a lot of causes of this stress but only a few known ways to help ease them.

One of the many solutions to stress, according to doctors, is owning a pet – dog to be more specific. In fact, college students are being encouraged to own a pet dog while they are away from home and coping with the stresses in school.

A study has revealed that happiness is linked with pet ownership, and thus it is widely accepted now that having pets can ease out the burden of many psychological disorders such as depression.

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