Great Things To Know – My Dog And His Legal Rights!

Animals are not part of the legislation, but thanks to animal lovers within the system, they are not taken for granted.


– Law-making government agencies continuously make laws to ensure that animal are treated well.
– There are new legislations, and they will be revealed within the next few month.
– One of the main focus of the new legislation is to provide shelter for the animals.


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In Hartford, the legislations are planning to announce soon the list of new legislation that are in line with animal rights and welfare. One of the focus is to requiring of owners to provide enough space for dog shelter.

Aside from good shelter, animal abuse was also a focus of the new legislation. The abuser will also face diversionary programs in special jails, to ensure that animal abuse is at least lessened if not completely eliminated.

The full list of legislation is to be released on Tuesday.


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