🐶 Are Dogs Good Companions For War Veterans???

The program is called “Pets for Patriots”, and it is reaching out to connect pet dogs with veterans as a form of therapy.

– Several organizations are working on connecting loving dogs to war veterans.
– The main goal is to allow the veterans to adjust well after being exposed to trauma.
– The gift of unconditional love from these dogs can really be helpful for any human, veteran or not.

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During the Memorial Day, war veterans were remembered. Their sacrifices and their traumatic past was commemorated. Aside from that, they were also offered several help options to cope with the said trauma.

One way to cope, according to experts, is by taking care of a loyal and loving dog. As a way to help our very own national heroes, they were given the great opportunity to connect with cute furballs so that they can experience de-stressing.

If given the chance, they were also encouraged to adopt and take care of one for life, in order to deal with PTSD, which is a very common experience for a most veteran.

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