Did you know that dogs have their rights too?
BUT did you know that NOT ALL dogs have the same RIGHTS???

– Dogs are one of the most beloved pets.
– Pretty much like humans, dogs have different sets of rights.
– These differences have many factors.

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Every dog is special, as you may already know that by now.

However, did you know that not every dog have THE SAME or EQUAL rights?

That’s right! When you look around, some places are restricted to some dogs but not to other types of dogs. Say, for instance, there are many restricted public areas for family dogs, but service dogs can access.

In another place maybe, even service dogs are not allowed to scout or go inside, but rescue dogs can or canine units can.

So their rights basically vary based on their duty. Based on their tasks in a given situation.

It’s not a matter of color or breed or even location. It’s really as good as saying that every dog is indeed unique, and even their rights are unique!

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