Super Cooper And Koda Try Eating Watermelon

dog eat watermelon

Dogs are inquisitive creatures and it’s fun to see them discover new things around. When Cooper and Koda see a watermelon for the first time, they take it to be some kind of a giant ball. They try to play around with the rather heavy ball indoors. Then comes the surprise when Dad cuts open the big ball and presents the pieces to them. It’s fun to see how the dogs are enthusiastic about tasting a new fruit.

Koda tries to lick watermelon like a Popsicle, trying not to hurt it in any way. It’s only when his Dad encourages him to take a bite, he goes on and digs into the juicy pulp. We know Koda liked it by his expression and the way he keeps biting on it faster. Then comes Cooper’s turn who has been waiting for his moment all this while. He jumps on his piece of watermelon as soon as it is presented to him. He’s just the opposite of Koda and turns into turbo mode while eating the fruit.

Koda and Cooper are definitely two of the most popular dogs on the Internet. Don’t forget to watch their other videos. Watch the full video of the dogs eating watermelon below.

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