Squirrel – The One Eyed Doggie At Agility Trail?

If you meet Squirrel, you will think that she is just an ordinary dog. But on Sunday, The judge said “Go” and Squirrel follows. She prepares herself to jump as she waits on her owner’s signal. When you see Squirrel, you won’t believe that she only has one eye. However, she is passionate when it comes to this challenge. It is not hard for her. In fact, you can see her determination.

A squirrel can finish the challenge within 31.95 seconds only. That is very fast which is why no wonder she always wins in many events. Squirrel has a sister, named Kiss. However, she beats her sister. When Kisse is called, she even barks as if she wants to let the people know that she beats her sister.

“They have to think it is big fun, that it is a game. And no one yells at you when you play games,” Mazur said.

Agility trial Chair Pauline Shatswell said the entries were lower this year, which she said was due to the rising popularity of canine events that brought more competitions closer to people’s homes.

“When I first started, there weren’t as many competitions so there was a waiting list,” she said.

If they do make a profit from the event, Shatswell said that they will put some of it back into the community. Shatswell said the kennel club was recently able to help purchase Kevlar vests for local K–9 units.

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