😮 How Many Poor 🐶 Doggies Were Crammed In This Puppy Mill ❓

People don’t usually get happy at the sight of dogs inside cages. Well, this puppy mill had more than a dozen dogs crammed inside!!!

– Puppy mills are always under scrutiny by the Humane Society of the United States.
– There is a very good reason why these places are constantly being inspected.
– A lot of abuse and maltreated can happen inside a puppy mill.

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In Jefferson County, a surprise visit by the Humane Society caught one puppy mill off-guard. When the inspection knocked on their doors, the unknowing owners were unable to prepare, and all the abuse that went on inside the walls of the puppy mill was revealed.

Inside the warehouse were 83 poorly-nourished dogs, who were all crammed inside VERY crowded cages with poor ventilation and insufficient maintenance of hygiene.

The entire place was a nightmare, and the Humane Society did not take any chances or explanations. They immediately rescued the dogs out of the puppy mill and sent them to animal hospitals for immediate medical attention.

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Read the full report here – https://www.wvtm13.com.

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