🐶 Are Dogs Able To Comprehend Us???

Before feeling silly for talking to your dog, you may want to know what experts have to say about conversing with our dogs.

– Dogs are one of the smartest animals, they may not speak our dialect but they can have high cognitive skills.
– Aside from verbal language, our dogs can also pick up body language well.
– Talking to our dogs can help create a stronger bond, and can help improve their confidence too!

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You may have noticed dog owners, or maybe yourself, use a high-pitched tone when talking to their dogs; especially when the dog did something good – like followed a command, stayed put, our was protective.

This “voice” that we often use, we weren’t even aware of it until now, actually sends a lot of positivity to our dogs. They may not fully understand the meaning of each word we say out loud, but they can certainly understand what we mean, and experts claim that they can feel love and affection EVERY TIME we talk to them.

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Read Ana Sandoiu’s full article here – https://www.medicalnewstoday.com.

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