🐶 How Can Dogs Comfort People???

When someone griefs, there are many different ways to comfort them. A certain police department discovered one very effective way to do so.

– Greenfield Police Department has a new program that is dedicated to helping victims of tragedy cope.
– The new program just launched in Massachusetts and it proves to be effective.
– What do you think they are using for this program?

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In Greenfield, Massachusetts, the police department has come up with excellent ways to help victims of tragedy cope with the trauma that they had in the past.

The therapy?

It involves adorable dogs that joined the Greenfield Police Department for that very purpose. The dogs, according to experts, are great ways to help people deal with distress in general.

The program is called “Comfort Dog Program”, and right now it includes their start dog, a Saint Bernard named Clarence and his sidekick, nine-week-old puppy named Donut.

By their names, you can already tell they will do a great job, right?

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