Should Dogs Be Allowed On Restaurant And Join Their Owners?

Are you one of those dog owners who wish to be with their dogs on restaurant patios? Do you think your dog will behave more than the kids will? Some people say it is not a good idea to have dogs in places where foods are being served, do you agree?


Different people have different views about allowing dogs to dine with their owners in the restaurant patio since it is an open space. Some say that their dogs are more behaved compared to the kids. But others also do not like the idea because it causes danger for health. They believe that dogs should not be in a place where the foods are being served. Which stand are you?

“Health and cleanliness is our priority as a business owner and someone who’s feeding the public, so that is something that we care about and that’s No. 1,” Price said. “There’s a line with them (dogs) being on furniture and tables and that close to food, but on the ground, it doesn’t bother me as a customer if I were at a restaurant. To me, I don’t think it would impact the health quality of the restaurant.”


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