Do Dogs Have Baby Tooth Too? 😁

A curious child wrote a letter to a veterinarian asking about baby tooth and pets like cats and dogs.

– A seven-year-old boy writes to an animal expert to ask a very cute and curious question.
– The little boy, George from Brunswick, just recently lost his baby tooth; thus prompting him to get curious.
– He wanted to know if pets like cats and dogs also have a baby tooth and if they also fall off like what happened to his own baby tooth.

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We’ve all had baby tooth stories, and if you’re a parent, you probably had your fair share of fun when your own kids lost their baby tooth and you had to secretly play the ever-famous tooth fairy role.

A little boy from Brunswick did not just stop asking about tooth fairies and all, he also wanted to ask about baby tooth in ANIMALS! To be more specific, in pet animals like cats and dogs.

An expert was generous enough to share some light on the matter and humbly answered to little curious boy’s innocent question.

Find out the response from the animal expert in this article –

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