KEEP Your Dogs AWAY From These Foods!!

Stay Away... I Repeat, STAY Your Dogs AWAY From These Foods

When we love our pets, we just want to give them something to eat as a treat, but watch out! There are harmful foods out there that could be deadly for them…

– More than half of American households have pets considered a family member.
– Sometimes, with the lack of research, pet owners unknowingly harm their pets by feeding them the wrong food.
– There are fifteen common house foods that you need to keep out of your dog’s reach.


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An estimate of 68% American households have pets, and these lucky pets are fortunate enough to land a loving home, with owners who want nothing but the best for them.

However, ignorance can sometimes lead to the harm of these animals. When owners do not do enough research, they tend to feed their furry pets with foods which can be harmful to the health.

Out of the pet owners here in the United States, a majority of their choice of pet is a canine buddy. So veterinarians focused on these animals and released a list of food that is absolutely a big NO when it comes to feeding their pets.

See the full list here –


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