Dogs Are “Properties”, NOT “Fur Babies”??? 🐕

Dogs Are "Properties", NOT "Fur Babies"???

While many pet owners like to think of their dog as “family”, or some even consider them as their “children”, experts think that legally dogs are more of a “property” than a “baby”.

– Your dog is your sole responsibility, financially and legally.
– You have to take care of the costs to bring up your dog.
– If there are possible troubles in the future, you are also responsible for whatever damages your dog will do.

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Imagine if another dog attacked your dog, and your poor dog acquired some serious injuries. You are compelled to go to the veterinarian and that entails costs, a lot of costs… BUT did you know that legally, it should have been the other dog’s owner who is obliged to pay the expenses of the damage done to your dog?

As such, experts like to believe that dogs are indeed more of a “property” that we are responsible for, and we need to make sure it doesn’t give anyone or anything harm and that it should not impose any direct danger to others.

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