Watch How Dogs Saves A Toddler From A Bear Attack (Video)

Do you have dogs as your pet? Is there a time when they save you? How many times did they rescue you? Perhaps, it is countless. Dogs are born as defender and protector, do you agree? This is often true especially when they feel their owners love them. Because of that, they are willing to risk their lives when other people are in danger.


Watch the video below. In New York, a girl had her close encounter with a bear, but the dogs protected and saved her. The dog’s name was “Chief,” and the family Wagner rescued it two years ago. However, this time Chief rescued their 3-year-old daughter from a bear attack. Can you imagine what will happen to the girl if the Chief was not there? It was terrifying!

That’s when Chief came to the rescue.

“He grabbed his back leg like he was trying to pull him away from Harper,” Emily Wagner said.

Mother then grabbed daughter and ran inside to call the police. The rest of the family’s dogs took care of the big black bear.“

The other three chased him and he went into the woods over there and climbed a tree and he wandered off,” Emily Wagner said.

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