Proof That Dogs Are Braver Than We Give Them Credit For!!!

A brave canine was filmed counter-attacking a leopard. Find out who won the encounter!


– A female dog was fast-thinking when she saw that her puppy was about to be eaten by a leopard.
– The mother dog, with her brave and protective nature, immediately jumped in to save her pup.
– Luckily, this unique situation was filmed and we can see how it ended.


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Mothers will always be mothers, no matter what species they are. Caught by chance by a CCTV, a footage shows how a mother dog jumped in to protect her puppy from a leopard that was preying on it. Mother instincts at its best indeed.

The incident was spotted in the northern Indian forest, just outside a building in India. According to the video footage, the leopard was on the act of snatching the helpless little puppy, when its mother literally jumped in to rescue.


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Watch the footage here, and read Tom Barnes’ entire article to find out how it all ended –


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