Dogs 🐶 And 🌊 Water – A Love-Hate Relationship?

Do dogs like water or they don’t? Find out more on next page video ……

Well, I think this one of the most baffling questions humankind has ever dealt with.

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While your dog may love the beach and play with waves, the idea of taking a bath may be repulsive to him.

On the other hand, there are puppies that love bath time and they make the most of that special time when they are cleaned and groomed with love.

The relationship with water doesn’t end with the bath time – there’s fishing, rafting, water skiing and so much more you can enjoy with your dog.

There are some dogs that will just love cooling it off at the swimming pool and go berserk when their owner waters the plants.

We have compiled some really funny video of dogs interacting with water. If you are tired or stressed out, there cannot be a better way to make your day!

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