😮 Dogs 🐶 And Chalks: What’s The Relationship ❓

There’s a known festival in Glendale, the “Chalk Art Festival”, where artists come together to raise funds.

– The Chalk Art Festival is a nationwide gathering of artists who are good in the use of chalks.
– This gathering happens in Glendale, and this is a privately funded event.
– During the event, funds are raised to raise money to support the Glendale Police Department’s K-9 unit.

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Canines, especially purebred ones, are not cheap to buy. More often than not, dogs that are fit to be trained for the K-9 unit, are not just any ordinary dogs. Most of the time, they come from a long bloodline of champion purebred family.

It entails that these dogs would cost a lot when purchased on the market, as a puppy. So when Glendale Police Department needed the funding to acquire new team members of their K-9 unit, a group of local artists decided to come together for the good cause of raising funds to buy their town the K-9 puppies they need to get trained and help secure the peace and order in the area.

The event, according to the organizers, was a successful one since the goal was achieved at the end of the day.

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