I Love Dogs And Books Too! Do Theses Two Go Together?

You Think Dogs And Libraries Don’t Go Together? This Library Proves You Wrong.

Dog Days of Summer is an initiative by the local library in Oak Brook, IL that puts the focus on canines.

-The Oak Brook Public Library is hosting a summer program focusing on dogs.
-Several activities have been created to show some love for these creatures.
-Local agencies will also be participating in these activities.

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These events will be held at the library located on 600 Oak Brook Road. The schedule will run from July 9 until July 13 and is open to the public.

Among their programs, the library will give $1 reduction in fines for every can of dog or cat food donated by the borrower. Of course, even if you haven’t borrowed any books, they will also welcome all donations which are to be sent to DuPage County Animal Services.

Police officers and their canine partner will visit for a skills demonstration session including basic obedience, drug detection, and bite training. A representative from County Animal Services will also share information about finding the right dog for your family.

The program concludes with an ice cream social. Dogs will be treated to Frosty Paws while humans will be given ice cream cups.

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Read more about the program here: http://www.chicagotribune.com.

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