Dogs Rescued From Meat Farm In South Korea

Dogs are meant to be our friends but sadly, every year millions of dogs are killed to be someone’s dinner. In South Korea, people believe eating dog meat in summer can cool their bodies. Another myth is that it increases virility. As a result, dog meat stew is a popular dish served in the fine dining restaurants.

Although not everyone in South Korea eats dog meat, it is still a $200 million industry. These dogs are often taken from the streets or they are bred. Sometimes they are pets that are stolen by the dog meat traders. Although thousands of dogs are still killed every day for meat in Asia, the change has already arrived.

Dogs are being saved from meat farms and they are sent to America for better a life. These dogs are experiencing human love for the first time. They will now have forever families and live free. The future looks bright and promising. Fewer people eat dog meat and the rest are being encouraged to stop this heinous practice.

Taiwan has become the first Asian country to ban dog meat altogether. We hope more countries will join the revolution and dogs will no more be used for dog meat.  Dogs should be what they are meant to be – our loving friends!

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