Dogs 🐶 Are More Kindhearted Than Humans! Do You Need Proof?

The video on next page has already over 931,282 views!! A lot has been said about Pitbulls and their aggressive nature, but when you watch this video, you will know whether or not that is true.

This Pittie has taken care of his sister even before she was born. When his momma was pregnant he could sense it with the change in her hormones.

He suddenly became gentler towards her and calmed down his behavior.

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When his little sister came home, it was like he already knew. He was ready to take care of her and be her best friend.

According to his human mom, both bonded almost instantly and love to spend time together. The Pittie is the best dog nanny their parents could get for their daughter. He sits there, looking at her and taking care of her while momma is away.

Pit bulls have been called aggressive and unsafe but we really feel it’s how you treat them. Animals need love to reciprocate love.

Watch the Pittie with his humand sister play on next page ❤🐾📺🔥➡

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