Chinese Man Builds A Lavish US$500,000 House For His Dog


You may have heard about people building expensive houses for themselves.

However, here is a Chinese man named Zhou Tianxiao who has built a $500,000 mansion for his dog named Sylar.


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According to him, Sylar has given him a purpose in life and made him happier, so he deserves a house of his own.

Watch the video to see the inside pics of the house that has an amazing park and play area, indoor pool and tastefully done interior spaces.

Zhou does not come from a rich background. He comes from a lower middle-income group family and his parents divorced when he was little.


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He was brought up by his grandmother on her meager pension money.

Zhou dropped out of school and he sank into depression until he got a dog.

After having Sylar in his life, his yearnings for a family were fulfilled. He finally had someone beside him to comfort and love him.


Zhou had no experience about dog training but he learned everything and took care of Sylar.

He also started sharing his knowledge and set up an online store to sell dog food and other stuff.


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