How Is The Golden Retriever 🐶 Begging For A Big Mac ❓


This cute Doggie video got 817,213 views within a few days, what happened❓

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Well, I think the title says it all but when you watch the video, it’s a lot of fun. If you follow Oshie on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can see that he has a loving family.

No wonder his parents are completely in love with him and they enjoy shooting different videos that capture the Golden Retriever in various moods. In the video below you can see her sitting idly on the porch with her mom.

However, the oh-so-adorable frame has a twist to it!

You can see a little girl enjoy Mac and Cheese right in front of Oshie. Now, Mac and Cheese is Oshie’s favorite so he’s probably having a tough time resisting his temptation to pounce upon the bowl and have some of it.

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