Poor Dog Was Horribly Trapped In Boiling Hot Car

Lately, there has been a growing controversy with people who leave their dogs unattended inside non-ventilated parked cars.

– News of unattended dogs “trapped inside” parked cars are becoming more common.
– A lot of pet lovers would really rush to “free” any dog who’s “trapped” inside a parked car.
– This is what happened in a shopping centre car park, and police were even involved!

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A poor dog who was left unattended by its owner inside the car was still lucky enough to escape death. The car temperature was almost up to boiling, and concerned citizens were worried the moment they saw the poor helpless creature inside.

A police were summoned to the scene, and without a second-thought, when the owner still was not around, the police himself freed the dog and was allowed a second shot at life.

The dog was indeed lucky to escape death, as the temperature inside the car was reportedly increasing by the minute, and was at boiling temperature already when the break-in rescue took place.

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