Dog Fell Into Mine shaft – Could The Firefighters Rescue?

Isn’t it great how these firefighters saved this poor dog that fell down an abandoned mine shaft?

-Dylan James was walking his fiancé’s dog Ruby on Sunday afternoon when the dog fell into a mine shaft that was no longer in use.
-A specialist crew of firefighters came to the area to help rescue the dog.
-Ruby spend a total of 19 hours in the shaft before she was rescued.

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Dylan, a resident of Penrhyn Coch, saw their 9-month old springador Ruby chasing a rabbit and then disappear into a thick hedge. Apparently, there was a hole in the fence surrounding the opening and Ruby slipped through and fell inside the shaft.

Firefighters initially came to the scene that night but concluded it was too dark to abseil down the 80-foot shaft. They came back early the following morning with a specialized crew of the Fire Service’s All Wales Urban Search and Rescue Team (USAR).

They first sent a camera down to check that Ruby when the dog became really quiet, but were glad to see she was fine and immediately sent a firefighter to retrieve her. At around 2PM BST on Monday, Ruby was successfully reunited with her owners and taken to the hospital to get the small wound on her leg treated.

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