Why Is Dog Years Shorter Than Human? 😢

If you love dogs, then you would agree that the ONLY BAD thing about them is that THEY DON’T LIVE LONG ENOUGH!

– One human can own as many dogs as he wants, but a dog can only have one true and loving owner in his lifetime.
– A dog owner usually outlives his pet, because pets like dogs usually live shorter years than us humans.
– It is really heartbreaking when a beloved dog dies.

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Dogs are usually loved and they are even considered as part of the family. So when a dog dies, it can really be a hard time for family owners to cope with the loss.

So one curious child wrote a letter asking why dogs don’t live as long as humans. The answer given by the expert is really a sad news to know, but it was very comprehensive.

It’s sad to know that it’s their bodies that won’t allow them to live longer than we want them to.

Read the entire response here – https://theconversation.com.

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