How To Teach Dog To Wear A Backpack?

Getting a backpack for your dog can be a good thing for him and for you. Backpacks for dogs come in a variety of sizes, colors, and configurations, so are sure you get one that fits snugly, but not too tight. You don’t want it rolling around, but you don’t want it too tight either. At first, your dog may be uneasy when you strap it on, so when you do so, take your dog for a walk right away, or do something that your dog will associate with something that is fun.

If your dog decides to stop walking, just keep on going, so he won’t think that he can control you with this new device. The best thing that you can do in this instance is to act like the backpack is no big deal. Don’t praise him, but don’t scold him either if he acts like it’s not for him. Just go for the walk and act like it’s business as usual. Just keep moving forward with your dog and after a while, he’ll take it for granted that the backpack goes with the walk, just as the leash does.

One way of thinking says that anyone who owns a dog that is really active should get their dog a backpack. You can put some items in the backpack to help him in the way of exercise, because of the added weight. You could put a couple of cans of soup or vegetables in there, or a couple of bottles of water and his bowl, so midway through the walk, you could pause, and both of you could get a drink.

So many times when people take their dogs for a walk, the dog gets excited and ends up pooping two or three times.  So, take along some extra bags, and double bag the poop and put it in the backpack until you get home. If you are going on a trip, and your dog is going along, you can put his things in the backpack, and he can carry his own stuff, such as his bone, toys and the like.

The thought there is that you are giving the dog a job. Actually, the backpack gives the dog a job to do, and they really do feel like they are doing something worthwhile. As long as the backpack is not too heavy, and it is not rubbing the wrong way on him, there should be no big problem, and your dog will be happy with his “job.”

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