Poor Kennel Dog Was Rejected By Over 3,000 visitors!!

How unlucky could one dog be? After 3,000 animal lovers, still, this dog could not land a new home.

– Blue, a rightful name for this dog who must be feeling really sad right now.
– Blue has been staying with the RSPCA for years now, and he he has never been adopted.
– Blue has bid farewell to 49 other dogs who was with him in the shelter before they got adopted.

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For YEARS Blue has been seen and rejected by more or less 3,000 animal lovers. He has not yet found a new home, and now he is being considered as Britain’s unluckiest dog.

Blue, which probably best describes his feelings right now, stayed in the animal shelter and all his friends have said their hello and goodbye to him and to the animal shelter. Blue, unfortunately, never got adopted since.

Blue had an owner before, who gave him up just after 6 months, with the reason that they had trouble handling him.

The animal shelter is now making sure that Blue will soon get adopted. They have initiated a video that showed what a PAWsome dog Blue really is.

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Read Stuart Winter’s full article here – https://www.express.co.uk.

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