Dog Was Afraid Of Everyone Until He Found His Brother

This pet hedgehog and his elder brother make an inseparable pair. Hedgie loves to follow his brother everywhere and learn new things from him. But, life was not so easy for the dog. He had been locked up in a cage almost throughout his puppyhood. He didn’t know love and could not trust humans. When the family adopted him, he was so scared of people that he hid under the table.

So, Mason, the elder brother decided to take the dog with him to the bed. Next morning, Hedgie was a different dog altogether. The family soon found out that the dog had a serious problem. He could not keep the food down so the vet suggested them to put him down. However, Mason was not ready to give up and they tried everything they could to help Hedgie.

The dog has a special chair to help him eat and swallow food. Mason and his dog spend lots of time together playing and learning new tricks. It’s heartwarming to see a lifetime bond take shape. We don’t who is luckier- Mason, the dog, or both? We wish both of them a great happy life ahead. 

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