Speaking Dog Wants A Kitten Strange Or True

Do you think a dog will want a kitten? Is this possible? You should not miss the video. Do you know that dogs understand you? Have you seen your dog understands to what you say ranging from simple instructions to a complicated one? Indeed, dogs are smart. Sometimes, you ask him questions and his response seems like he understands you. There are also times when he asks something from you. However, have you experienced your dog asking you to give him a kitten? What will you do when he asks a kitten from you?

Of course, he will not speak to you. But he will surely use his body gestures for you to know what he wants from you. This dog is one-of-a-kind, as he wants a kitten from his owner. The owner is the only one making the story by dubbing. But you can’t help but laugh at it. Let us watch the video below to know the reason why this dog suddenly demands a kitten. However, there’s some twist in the story. The owner is telling the story about the experience in a pet store. Every time the owner talks about the word kitten, the dog agrees to him. Do not forget to share this with your family and friends!

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