Can Dog Walking Cause Heatstroke??? ⛔

Can Dog Walking Cause Heatstroke??? ⛔

It was a very unfortunate day for an ordinary dog owner, who just walked his dog on a regular day.

– Regularly, it is a safe time to walk dogs at 9 in the morning.
– However, the temperature can be very extreme even at this early hour.
– Officials are warning dog owners to take extra precaution when deciding to walk their dog.

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Accidents happen, and we have absolutely no control over it once it strikes us… or our beloved dog!

Ordinarily, it is but a normal time to walk dogs at 9 in the morning. New reports, however, indicate that when the temperature reaches 21 degrees, it can be fatal to our dog’s health.

As in real life, a dog died of heatstroke after it was taken on a walk at the said temperature. The dog was not that old, only about five years old, so the health condition was relatively fine.

Now, the RSCPA has issued a fair warning to all dog owners that the weather can get even hotter in the coming days.

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