Want To Start A Dog-Walking Business? Here’s HOW! 🐕💲

Like any business, dog-walking business is not an easy thing to start. Even if it sounds easy, there are MANY things you need to consider before starting.

– Since more than 60% of American households have a pet dog, the demand for dog care is expected to remain high.
– One of them most promising dog care business is dog-walking.
– This is a full and comprehensive guide for starting a dog-walking business.

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Becoming a dog-walker is not as simple as we think, or at least not as simple as how it used to be. Before, you just had to learn how to hold the leash, as many as you possibly can and make sure that you don’t let the dogs go.

Well, nowadays, there may be a lot of differences and so many more complications when you want to start a dog-walking business. From the permits to the legal papers to the all the basic stuff that you need, it is not just a simple business to startup indeed.

There are so many other tasks to consider aside from the actual dog walking part if you want to have a dog-walking business. Of course, there’s the aftercare part if in case a dog makes a mess while in your custody.

Read all the guides and tips in Sam Bromley’s article – https://www.simplybusiness.co.uk.

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