Amazing Dog Tricks By Tobi The Cutie Maltese Puppy (Video)

The video below has over 1.6M views!! Tobi the Maltese adorable puppy learned his first dog tricks and he would like to show you all how adorable he is. Maltese puppies absolutely make beautiful companions with their affectionate nature.

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With commands such as ‘sit’, ‘bang’, ‘back’, ‘stay’, and ‘high five’, Tobi obediently follows. This smart fellow is an amazing listener. Want to know what the best part is? Check Tobi the cute Maltese puppy as he performs awesome tricks below. Training dogs and learning tricks need patience and the owner did a great job in teaching Tobi with his first tricks.

Tobi was able to follow basic commands from his owner. The dog owner praises his pet by saying “good boy” and by giving him treats and this dog loves it! 😍

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