Training a dog has been made easy with fun and modernized methods and materials. One of which is the dog training clicker. This instrument could be used for a whole lot of training approaches based on the owner’s preference. However, it is mostly used alongside treats to distinguish between right and wrong. Your dog needs an instrument to facilitate his training and this is exactly what the clicker provides. There are quite a number of approaches with which an owner could use the clicker and this piece is about exploring them, alongside its advantages and where you could get them for your furry little friends. Let’s get right into it.


How you could use the dog training clicker




When using the dog training clicker for the first time, bear in mind that your dog isn’t accustomed to it and hence you’ll need to introduce it to your dog. No we don’t mean taking both of them out for drinks, we mean associating the clicker to the purpose you want it to play, right before your dog’s eyes. If you want the training clicker to be a symbol of treats, then with each click, you’ll need to offer your dog a treat. That way it knows the sound represents rewards. Once you’ve done this, the next step could go three ways.


  • Capturing: You could use the training clicker as an affirmation tool for your dog, to enable him know that he is doing the right thing, and then reward him treats as proof.
  • Restructuring: The dog training clicker can be used as an instrument to gradually alter the behavior of your dog, to suit your new purpose for it. Gradual successes from the dog can be acknowledged with the clicker and later rewarded with treats.
  • Enticement: Since you’ve already established that the dog training clicker is a symbol of reward, you can use it to lure your dog to any position you desire.




Ultimately, the dog training clicker is more of an instrument of positive reinforcement for your dog. You can use it to teach your new tricks, commands and improve his behavioral patterns. It’s a more productive way to train your dog as opposed to punishments and other correctional methods.


Where to get them

There should be an infinite number of dog training clickers available in both online and retail stores in the world. As seen on Amazon, these dog training clickers could come in diverse colors and builds, but they all have one thing in common, the click.

Dog training clickers are really handy materials through which you can correct and alter the behavioral patterns of your dog. With this highly affordable tool, you can teach your dog new tricks, commands and get him to quit some habits.


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