Dog Survives A Shattered Hip Finds A Reason To Live Again


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Ruby is a beautiful dog that belonged to a hunter.

She was abandoned and her former owner even broken her hip. Being abandoned itself is sad and having a shattered hip is absolutely devastating.

However, this beautiful dog survived the trauma and was finally saved by the rescue team.

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They brought him to the hospital where she went through several tests and also a CT Scan to find the extent of the damage.

They had to do a surgery to repair her hip so that she could walk again.

Ruby has a terrible past where she was badly abused so it’s not just physical scarring but emotional as well.

However, she is a fighter with strong spirits. Despite being in pain, you can see how she sits calmly and allows the staff to treat her.

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When Ruby is finally able to stand again, she is made ready for adoption. The moment where she meets her new family is truly heart-touching.

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