Is It A Good Idea To Let Your Dog Sleep On Your Bed?

If you look at dog houses these days, if there are still around, you would notice that most if not all of them are EMPTY. So where did all the dogs go?


– More than half of Americans have at least one household pet.
– The most common pet of choice is a dog.
– Dogs no longer live in dog houses, but they are now comfortably staying on their owners’ beds.


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Dogs no longer occupy the doghouse for most Americans these days. It’s either there is no doghouse in the house, or it’s empty. Empty not because they have no dog in the house, but because their dog has a new place to stay – the bedroom. So from doghouses, dogs are now the newest occupants of their master’s bedroom. I think this is the most appropriate time to call it that, “mater’s bedroom”, using a dog’s perspective.


However, experts are questioning whether or not this setup is a good idea. The possibility of sleep disruption to owners were considered, but later on, it was proven that did not cause any negative effects at all.


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