What Are The Controversies This Dog-Sitting Companies Are Facing?

The canine healthcare world never seems to run out of controversies. First, there’s the car-rising issue, now there’s a dog-sitting issue.


– A Seattle-based dog-sitting company, A Place for Rover, is in the middle of a controversy.
– A Place for Rover, or more popularly known as Rover, is raising fund to prepare for the “war”.
– As much as $125 Million is needed to face this controversy.


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To maintain its operation and to keep it growing, Rover is in need of raising a huge amount of $125 Million, as the dog-sitting war starts to heat up and puts them in the hot seat. The company is currently has a debt amounting to $30 Million.

One of their biggest rivals is Wag Labs, that raised $300 Million as new funding. Both dog-sitting companies have a huge pool of fund as back up. The mutual fund tycoon T. Rowe Price is currently leading, and they are for the Rover company.


Read Rolfe Winkler’s full article here – https://www.wsj.com.


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