Is It Dangerous To Get A Scratch From Your Dog? ⛔

Is it dangerous to get a scratch from your dog?

Can a simple scratch from your dog cause health issues?

-Even light scratches from dogs can cause serious health problems.
-One woman the UK had to have her artificial hip replaced because of an infection.
-The case was unusual because the symptoms did not manifest right away.

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It’s not uncommon for dog owners to get nipped or scratched by their pets. And usually, people don’t think too much of it and it doesn’t cause any problems down the road.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for one lady in the UK. She ended up having to replace her prosthetic hip several months after this kind of incident happened.

The woman, who is 66-years-old and in otherwise great health, complained of pain in her hips for months. She went to see her doctors and had some tests done.

The initial set of biopsies showed an organism that the local laboratory was unable to identify, but a second lab was able to.

Another set of tests confirmed that she had contracted an animal-related bacteria that was commonly found in cats and dogs. Doctors say this was an extremely rare case of this bacteria entering the bloodstream and causing problems like this.

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