Dog Runs Away From Home… Where Is He Now ?

How was this dog able to keep eluding its owners and survive on its own for 7 months?

-After getting their adopted dog for just 5 days, it ran away from its owners’ home in Hazleton.
-It made its way to the Shamokin area where it continued to elude the people chasing him.
-Pet recovery services and other people in Shamokin helped the dog to return to its owner.

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Jemina is one intelligent dog and an incredible escape artist. The 2-year old Spanish greyhound or galgo ran away from its owners and lived as a stray for 7 months as it continued to evade attempts to capture her and bring her back to her owners.

She made her way to Shamokin almost immediately after she escaped their house in Hazleton. She stayed there, playing with the dogs in the area and was being fed by some of the residents including Marcia Barnabe.

Bellabons Pet Recovery Service and Detect-a-Pet worked together to help capture Jemina. She was returned to her owners and recovered well from some minor cuts and gash.

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