Mishka, A Husky Dog, Proves That She Is Really Clever

The video below has over 32 Million views!!

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Have you heard your dog talking to you as if it is responding to every question you have? When it does, you surely tell yourself, “Oh, I have a genius dog.” However, do you actually believe that your dog can talk to you and understand everything you tell him?

Maybe you are convinced while others are not. Thus, you better listen to Mishka at the video below. Watch the video below of the owner of Mishka asking her lots of questions. Mishka answers back as if she understands everything that the girl is telling her.

However, the last part of the question is the funniest part. When the girl asks Mishka if she is stupid, Mishka replies with a big “NOOOOOO…” Mishka obviously does not like to be called stupid.

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