How Does A Dog Protect Kitten? ( Video)

This cat dog story got over 6.7M views!! What so special about this dog video?


Friendship knows no boundaries and what can be a better example as this one. watch how this dog protect kitten and try keep your eyes dry🐶😍


Ava writes in the video comments:
Proof that animals can be more civilized than most of humanity.


Happy Video➡️ Malamutes 🐶 Enjoy The Weekend At Grandmother


This little kitten abandoned by his mother finds love and warmth in a dog.

The first instinct of the dog is to care for the small helpless kitten and protect her from anything that may possibly hurt.


Can you imagine how sad it would be being an orphan kitten? But the amazing thing is, obviously the kitten feels protected with the dog.


The dog barks every time someone tries to come near the kitten which shows how protective he is about her.


We hope they can stay together for ever, this would be a real happy end. What do you think?


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