Who Left This Dog Poop At The Denver Airport?!? 😮

There’s a video on Youtube that went viral, and all those who’ve seen the video want one thing in common, identify the man who didn’t clean up after his dog’s poop at the Denver Airport!

– In today’s time, people feel more empowered thanks to the advent of technology.
– Phone cameras have made it easier to document almost anything that happens around us.
– The Internet has allowed people to come together even when they are away.

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Not everything that goes viral is good. Most of the time, fame is a good thing, but negative things can also spread around fast!

A perfect example of bad publicity is this Youtube video that showed an unknown man who intentionally left behind his dog’s poop on the floor of the Denver Airport.

Outraged, those who’ve seen the video now wants to identify the unknown man, and give him a lesson!

Well, the anger is understandable because it really can put a bad light on dog owners everywhere, and can even lead to limitations of access of dogs in the future.

Read Minda Zetlin’s full article here – https://www.inc.com.

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