😢 Mean Dog Poisoning With Paracetamol? 📢

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Why is someone leaving these piles of raisins in a park which can be deadly for dogs?

-Pet owners in Bristol are being warned of someone possibly trying to poison dogs in the area.
– A 3-year-old Springer Spaniel fell victim to this cruel act and has been hospitalized.
-The culprit was a pile of raisins left behind one of the benched in the park.

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Lizzy, a resident of Westbury-on-Trym, and her Springer Spaniel Yoshe were just talking a walk at the popular park in Blaise Castle Estate on a Wednesday evening. She was letting her dog run a little bit ahead of her when she noticed he was eating something that was left on the ground.

When she reached him, she was horrified to find that it was a huge pile of raisins that someone seems to have left there on purpose. Raisins are very dangerous for dogs and can cause kidney failure.

Fortunately, Lizzy was aware of the danger and she hurriedly took him to the animal hospital. The doctors were able to get all the raisins out in time and Yoshe stayed at the hospital for recovery.

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Get to know the full story here: https://www.bristolpost.co.uk.

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