Have You Ever Encountered This Situation In A 🐶 Dog Park ❓

Dog parks are great fun but it can turn into a chaos if the owners don’t behave responsibly.

The video on next page is a good example that shows why it is important to control your dog. In the video you can see three dogs lazing and having fun until a Bull Terrier/Pit instigates a fight.

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He tries to relentlessly instigate Winston by barking and snapping at him. Thankfully, Winston is a well-trained dog and he listens to commands. When his owner calls him, he obeys but the Bull Terrier/Pit snaps again making Winston override the commands.

At times, just having a well-behaved and properly trained dog is not enough because you can’t control the behavior of other dogs. So, you unintentionally put your own dog at risk.

In this case, the owner of the Bull Terrier/Pit just stands there doing nothing. If only he was responsible enough to intervene and stop his dog’s aggressive behavior, the situation would be controllable.

Watch video on next page to learn more ❤️🐾📺🔥➡️

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